Some people
Want to fight
More than they want to win

Some people
Enjoy arguing

Some people
Crave conflict

Some people
Have a high tolerance for stupidity

I don't.

Show me

When did it become okay to constantly talk about how great you are

I love it when it's real
You don't need to convince me

Don't tell me
Show me

It is religion

That confuses people about God The religious that deflect the Godly
The textbook is titled "Understanding Death, Dying and Bereavement". 521 pages, not including the index and appendix and I've read every single one. Twice. And I still don't understand. I still can't make it right. I still can't make it through a night without fighting back tears or holding back anger. This knot in my throat has found its new home. This grimace on my face seems like its here to stay. This cloud won't go away.

Your extensive movie collection

The pride you have in it
Leads me to believe
That you spend more time
Watching life go by
Watching other people live
Than you spend