Show me

When did it become okay to constantly talk about how great you are

I love it when it's real
You don't need to convince me

Don't tell me
Show me

It is religion

That confuses people about God The religious that deflect the Godly
The textbook is titled "Understanding Death, Dying and Bereavement". 521 pages, not including the index and appendix and I've read every single one. Twice. And I still don't understand. I still can't make it right. I still can't make it through a night without fighting back tears or holding back anger. This knot in my throat has found its new home. This grimace on my face seems like its here to stay. This cloud won't go away.

Your extensive movie collection

The pride you have in it
Leads me to believe
That you spend more time
Watching life go by
Watching other people live
Than you spend


The United States separates church and state.
The United States currency reads "In God We Trust"

I'm just saying...

I could be wrong, but...

I thought sexuality was a moral issue, not a legal issue.

All this chatter around legalizing same sex marriage clearly blurs the concept of separation of church and state.

Belief in God

Doesn't equate to believing in everything the preacher says.

Respect their authority, but do your own research.

Dinner for One

Always contemplating my purpose. Seeking an answer to the question of what I want to be when I grow up. Tricked into believing my answer should consist of some fabulous career or occupation.

It has been said that your purpose is directly related to your passion. That if you can find something that you love to do, do it. Through all the back and forth of considering what I can do, should do and like to do, the one thing that has been ever-present... is... love.

When I grow up, I want to be a lover. Who in this existence has the heart to say that that's not good enough?

For the ones who prefer to wear their wealth

Woven into the fabric of their souls
And not neccesarily in the fabric of their clothes.

Let's get rich together.

Kiss me into forever

Let the beauty of our yesterday
Color the world when it disseminates

Dear Young Self

5 years from now, it won't even matter. You will be stronger, wiser and better because of it. Consider this your learning experience.

Love Kills Slowly

Remember when "Love Kills Slowly" was a slogan
Scrawled across Ed Hardy tees

I remember when it was reality.

People Always Forget

The things you said
The things you did

But never the way you made them feel.

Yes. I still believe in magic

Make Me Whole

-Amel Larrieux


I'm not too difficult to understand

You're just not smart enough to comprehend.

No fault of yours,
No fault of mine

Just move on.