ART is...

Art doesn't need to be understood. Nor does it need to be interpreted. It only needs to be appreciated and maybe, sometimes, inspiring.

What you see when you look at an artistic creation my be completely different from what I see when I look at it, completely different from what I was thinking when it came to be... and that's okay with me.

Quite frankly, I never made anything for anyone else's sake. Most of what I do is out of a necessity to get these pictures out of my mind in order to make room for all the others that are waiting to be seen. This is just me, letting my creativity be free.

Yours Truly,
The Artist

A LEIGH S Designs

A LEIGH S was conceived out of the urge to give a name to the styles that I used to create when I was younger. Disinterested in the labels and stlyes that the commonfolk were wearing, I wanted to create something different. It started with me cutting, tying and resewing pieces that were in my closet. Then evolved to sketching, then buying fabric and creating original pieces.

A LEIGH S, pronounced [ey-lee-uhs] is anything but what an alias is (alias –noun 1.
a false name used to conceal one's identity; an assumed name)
. While it is about creating a name for yourself, it is more about creating your own identity and letting it shine through in your style.

A LEIGH S in it's truest essence, is a representation of me. A and S are my initials (first and last name) and LEIGH is my middle name, given to me in honor of my grandfather Walter Lee. L.E.I.G.H. is also an acronym and answer to many questions.

Stay tuned for more ...
"Trends are Temporary, Style is Everlasting"... RENAME YOUR STYLE.

Yours Truly,
The Fashion Designer