I wonder what life is like

inside your arms

I wish you could wrap me in your petals

and take me away

hide me

I wish you deserved better

For the longest time I questioned your judgement. I wondered why you would make the choices you make and why you would put up with and take the things that you take. I kept thinking to myself, you can do better. You deserve better. But maybe I just wish you did.

I wish you had the right to say, "I refuse to deal with a 'man' who smokes and drinks. I refuse to deal with a 'man' who cheats. All the loud talking, cursing and rudeness, it's just not for me. Video games, not so much. And if it's not right in my spirit, then there is no us. "

For the longest time, I prayed for your spirit of discernment to be strong enough to guide you through. Now, I can only pray God's mercy for you. I wish you deserved better. But honestly, you don't. And as much as I hate to accept it, you reap what you sow.

My Sleeve Wasn't Big Enough

just because somebody can handle the worst of you, doesnt mean they deserve the best of you.

If you are a parent and you have a child in school (K-12), then maybe you should consider considering yourself a student also. Make time to do homework, study, review classwork, etc. These days, some teachers don't actually teach, so it's up to you to make sure your child learns something.

Love yourself enough

it shouldnt matter if anyone else does
Love is blind
love isn't always blind
but sometimes
it makes you blind
and other times
it makes you close your eyes
I don't know which is worse
Not being able to see
Not wanting to see
People say, "In spirit and in truth" as if there is a difference.
When is your spirit ever not true?
If you cant trust your spirit, you can't trust you.

sleepless nights... thats how you know, something isnt right.

“Love me when I least deserve it, because that's when I really need it.”

It is obvious that your brain is too small for my big dreams.
I'll send you a postcard.


God will give you exactly what you ask for
“Contemplation often makes life miserable. We should act more, think less, and stop watching ourselves live.” -Chamfort

Now what?

Never too comfortable with life
always looking to change, rearrange or enhance what is
there has to be more than this

contemplating going back to school
I'd rather say it too soon
than say it too late
I love you
“Never let a problem to be solved become more important than the person to be loved.” -Barbara Johnson
While contemplating what to order her daughter for dinner, mother asked, "how much is it?"

And it broke my heart a little bit.

Daughter got exactly what she wanted. Mother decided she wasn't hungry anymore.

I live for the day when money isn't a factor... For anyone.
Jack of all trades, master of none... You say it like its a bad thing.

Actually, it gives me options.

The bad part is when I can't choose... And in turn I do nothing.