Sometimes, I Miss Sledding

Snow hills
Snow suits
Snow men
Snow houses
Stolen by dogs
Darn mutts

But back to sledding
Sometimes, I miss sledding

Life is a boomerang

If we would spend more time improving ourselves instead of criticizing others, we'd be a lot better off.

I am a lot of things

And none of them are you.

That makes me smile from the inside out.

Sometimes I Sleep To Much

Because I'd rather stay in bed
in my dreams with you.

I get lost in my thoughts of you.


Your past will never escape you
Nor can you ever escape your past

It's a part of who you are.
It's inside you.

Covered by layers of a more acceptable you
A more informed you
A newer version of you

But in the end its your past that has made you

Peel back my layers and discover
The me I want no one to see
The me I never wanted to be

You remind me
Of me.

Of who I used to be.
A buried dream,
A nightmare
Burning to be free


Wednesday evening
Dusk20 degrees and snowing

2 of them
40 something

Running for the next bus