Hot Faucet Water

For some uncertain reason, I'm a bottled water kind of girl. Somewhere along my journey, I was brainwashed into believing that tap water was not clean enough, pure enough nor good enough. I fell into the trap of paying for what mother nature gives us freely.

On the contrary, I am an ice eater, meaning I like to eat ice, most of which is made from tap water. I'm pretty sure it's a genetic condition. Anywho... Today, by mistake, I swallowed a large piece of ice. OUCH! ... And at that point of unthinkable strange feeling in my chest, all I could think about was, HOT FAUCET WATER.

Hot FAUCET Water saved my life.

Thank God for it.

Yours Truly,

Quote of the Week

"I know God doesn't put more on me than I can handle, but sometimes, I wish he
didn't trust me so much!"

Thanks Morris

Yours Truly,
The Student

Where's Daddy?

Today, I had to teach my nephew how to tie a tie...

And for some reason, it's still on my mind.

Yours Truly,
The Substitute


When I was a child, living in Detroit, I remember thunderstorms. I remember days of heavy rain, night skies with sudden streaks of day and thunder. I'm talking earth shaking, car alarms blaring, almost jumped out of my skin scared of thunder thunder. I remember standing on the porch, right in the doorway, loving the smell of rain. Running down the street, basketball in her hands, water up to our knees, nothing on our feet, just rain underneath. I kind of miss those days.

Pictorial Proof

Yours Truly,