You can not read a book with your face buried in the pages

Your head will hide the light that allows you to see the words

and the extreme closeness distorts your vision

in order to see something as it really is

take a step back and observe it from a distance

Life is a volume of books that captures your story one day at a time. The problem with the book of life is the fact that as a character in the story, it's hard to see all aspects of the story and impossible to predict the end of the story. You go with the flow of life with no chance to take a moment and look at the way things are playing out. In order to understand what is going on in your story and possibly guide the story's destination, it is necessary to pause at the end of every chapter and review what has been written. Although it is impossible to go back and edit the mistakes, knowing the mistakes makes it that much easier to recognize forthcoming mistakes before it is too late. if you complete your story without taking time to read the beginning, chances are, many of the mistakes you made in the beginning will be repeated again and then again in the end.