Lost In Time

The clock on the wall strikes twelve
The wrist watch reads one
The phone only rings when extra digits are dialed
Melodic voice tones are entrancing.

Intensified love with no visual association
Separation is the motivation
Fighting hard to hold on
through verbal communication

The sun begins to rise before it completely sets
Divided by different destinations
Scattered in search of success.

The degree of separation between two points;
In mathematics, the process of discovering
How many times one quantity is contained in another;

In dreams, thoughts and pictures alike
Memories provoke tomorrow's future
Loneliness is crying a river of tears.

The winds mix in heaven,
the rivers in the ocean
One love on two sides
makes empty of a full notion.

Come home soon.

Copyright (c) 2000 Ms. A.T.L.S.

Yours Truly,
The Writer