Where Do You Wear Your Wealth?

When I realized that some of the wealthiest people I know drive hoopties and dress in slightly tattered clothing, I reconsidered my next shopping binge. There is no use getting all dressed up on the outside if on the inside you are as naked as a newborn. When all the designer labels don't matter anymore, when the only label that makes a difference to you is the one you put on your heart and soul, then you will have acquired great wealth.
In my career as a wardrobe consultant, I would always say, "When people look good, they feel good, and I like to make people feel good." True, in it's purest essence, afterall, I had to make some sense of why I was working in retail instead of the human service field as my degree would recommend. But deep down, I knew that feeling good was more about what's on the inside than what's on the outside. What good is a million dollar wardrobe if you have a two dollar spirit?
True wealth has nothing to do with financial gain, bank accounts nor flashy clothes. True wealth is worn on the inside. It is woven in the fabric of our soul. Are you wealthy because of what you have or because of who you are? Where do you wear your wealth?

Yours Truly,
The Mirror